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Olivier de Cointet

Olivier de COINTET

Chairman Pluris / Southpigalle

Entrepreneurship is like happiness: everybody talks about it, but we each have our own definition. Above all, it is a state of mind; a drive which can take many shapes and forms, and constantly evolves. I have always thought that Strategy& was a great platform to take initiatives, test new ideas and solve clients' most pressing issues in a creative way. It may explain why I spent 14 years with the firm, specializing in Consumer Goods and Digital! This experience provided me with an incredible set of skills required for working with talented people of various backgrounds, who have often become friends over time.

One of my passions is wine and after a few years with the firm, I launched on the side my own company. Pluris is a non-profit association which organizes tastings in Paris, London, Brussels and Geneva. Trust me, I can remember all the 200+ events which we have organized! In 2007 we started selling wine online and in 2013 launched a lifestyle and media platform (

This was a very stimulating and rewarding experience which I wanted to push further. In 2014, I left Strategy& to accelerate the development of Pluris - which today has more than 140,000 members - and start a new business venture. Southpigalle ( focuses on automation and artificial intelligence with the ambition to be the leader in conversational marketing. We develop new approaches for advertising, client services, influence and product launches, with creative and technical solutions.

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