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Antoun Halabi

Antoun Halabi

CEO, Tetracom

Former Industry/Office: Communications, Media and Technology, Beirut
Alumnus since 2015

Antoun Halabi joined Strategy& in May 2006, right after earning his MSc. at Stanford. It was his first job and he was very excited to join the firm and be back to the Middle East. His tenure lasted about nine years; he spent most of it working with the Communications, Media, and Technology (CMT) practice, and two years were devoted to pursuing his MBA at Harvard.

From his first interview to his farewell dinner, he logged a number of fond memories: One was when he visited the transmission stations of the Egyptian Radio and Television Unit, accompanied by at least 10 military men and military cars to transport him from site to site. Another was the time his job manager in the Paris office carried him at 4 AM, after numerous sleepless nights, when he made a nightmarish Excel model finally work. He’ll also always remember popping Saudi champagne with the team at the Riyadh office, after receiving his MBA interview invitation. And who could forget the countless long nights with the team, the silly jokes, client workshops and offsites, team dinners, and go-karting in Bahrain. The geographies, projects, clients, teammates, and occasions may have changed, but the work excitement was always the same!

Since leaving the firm, Antoun has hit a few big milestones. On the professional front, after leading ABC Verdun, Lebanon’s largest mall, to its completion, he felt that the time was right to finally join Tetracom, the technology company his father started some 40 years ago. 

He arrived at Tetracom at the end of 2017. His first act was to have the company undergo a full transformation program, across strategy, execution, and culture, positioning it as a total technology provider, with five main business lines: Unified Communications; Networking & Cybersecurity; IT & Cloud Services; Security, Safety & Automation; and Software & Innovation. The project has been both thrilling and challenging, and he has had to draw on all his experience and capabilities to rejuvenate and reposition an organization with over 100 employees from all ages and backgrounds.

On the personal front, Antoun got married some three years ago, and he and his wife Yoana, have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Kate (1 year and 10 months) and Lize (2 months). Watching them grow every day is the most incredible experience in life for Antoun.

As for the future, he plans to continue the regional expansion of Tetracom, while foraying into new technologies, and continue to take fun trips with the family. A visit to Disney is definitely in the cards, once the girls are old enough.

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